Welcome to mangodrum

mangodrum is a very simple to use percussion composer program for Windows™ which uses an easy to understand grid format for displaying the rhythm patterns. These compositions can then be played or saved as a PDF file.

Each composition can consist of a range of instruments with options to only listen to the selected instrument or the whole band. The balance and volume of each instrument can be changed to fine tune the sound of your 'band' with instruments being easily created or downloaded from our web site.

A playlist is used to bring together all the sections in your composition to create your final piece.

Main Window
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  • 'Live editing'
  • Change the volume and balance of each instrument
  • Choose the speed for your composition
  • Create your own instruments
  • Save your composition grid as a PDF file for sharing with others
  • Create a 'Playlist' which brings all the sections of your composition together
  • Metronome
  • Undo and Redo

Unfortunately, due to problems caused by various sound cards, Vista and Windows 7, we have had to remove the 'Record to MP3' feature from MangoDrum. This feature can be re-enabled by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R, but is not supported.