Live Editing
mangodrum allows the user to play their composition at the same time as they are editing it which means that you hear changes to your composition as soon as you make them.
Change the volume and balance of each instrument
The volume and balance of the different instruments can be altered to mirror the layout of your band.
Choose a time signature and the speed for your composition
The speed or tempo of your composition can be changed while your composition is being played.
Create your own instruments
Add to the instruments supplied with mangodrum by creating your own for a series of sound files for the individual notes or sounds.
Save your composition grid as a PDF file for sharing with others
Once you have created your composition it is possible to create a PDF file for sharing with others.
Create a 'Playlist' which brings all the sections of your composition together
mangodrum allows the composer to create a series of sections. The 'Playlist' feature brings these sections together to create the complete piece.
Metronome for practice
If you use mangodrum to help with practicing a piece then a metronome can be switched on or off. This can even be used while recording a piece to an MP3 file.