The latest version of mangodrum is:
Built: 03/04/2011

setup The latest version can be downloaded here. (4.86Mb)

mangodrum now runs on Windows Vista™ and Windows 7™.
Thanks to everyone who has helped with their feedback and ideas.

mangodrum has been downloaded 13977 times.

Version History
Now possible to Undo and Redo changes.
  Added 'Library' feature.
  Now possible to update to the latest version from the 'Help' menu.
  Unlimited number of instruments. Maximum of 30 per composition.
  Instrument sets.
  Option to mute instruments for the currebt section or the whole composition.
  Added option to draw repeated notes.
  Landscape or portrait PDFs.
Focus stays on the correct instrument when an instrument is added to the grid in 'Edit' mode.
  Added 'Medium' size grid.
  Save style as part of the grid.
  Added 'Logo' option.
  Changed to EurekaLog for bug tracking.
  Fixed instrument names problem when switching between small and large view.
  Disable edit before switch to Player view.
  Disable Ctrl+E and Ctrl+I in player mode.
  Fixed problem where files were not being removed before opening a new composition.
  Fixed problem with missing titles after closing a song file.
  Added Key to notation.
  Filled some memory leaks.
  Added 'Embed Instruments' to 'New composition' dialog.
  No longer possible to attach, save, remove files in Player version.
Added Player/Composer switch to full version.
Made compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
New feature to attach files to a composition.
New song dialog - corrected maximum number of bars.
  Human style now varies volume as well as timing.
  Added 'Lock to a machine' protection
  Added feature to replace notes for the selected instrument
  Added 'Series' title to print outs and PDFs.
  Removed automatic loading of instruments and added Refresh button to the Instruments window.
  Added layout options for 'Compact' print.
  Embeded instruments are now clearded when closing a composition
  Save and Open dialogs now go to the last folder used.
  Added 'Close' feature to 'File' menu.
  Fixed changing instruments bug for new section.
  Added 'Expiry' option to protection.
Mixer now changes volume etc. only for current section
  Mixer settings now save as part of composition
  Added 'Compact' option to Print on main window not just Print Preview
  Added 6/4 time signature
  Option to duplicate notes when duplicating a section
  Changed references to 'Line' to 'Instrument' in 'Edit' menu etc.
  Added 'Backup' feature for instruments.
  Increased maximum number of instruments per section to 16.
  Increased maximum sections to 20
  Alternative instrument name now used in mixer
  Removed 14 lines limit from section notes
  Default mixer volume settings set to 4/5 of maximum volume
  'Jump to' now works correctly using keyboard
  Removed global option to 'Save instruments with the composition.
  Added option to the composition settings to 'Embed Instruments'.
  Instrument colum now correct width.
  Fixed 'ReplaceMask' problem.
  Fixed recording mixer issue.
  Recordings can be saved as .wav file
Added option to save and load a grid as a template
  Increased maximum number of bars per section to 12
  Enabled option to print current page
  New 'default' colour scheme (Sky)
  Renamed 'Original' to 'Sandy'
  Right click on grid pops-up Grid options
  Introduced 'Tutor' version
  Extra options for PDF creation
  Added : to forbidden filename characters
Significant performance improvement (each grid square was being painted 3 times)
  Choice of 'Count In' sounds.
  Show Beat Bar on none, beats or all boxes
  Introduced ability to set instrument handling (left or right hands)
  Can now lock a composition.
  Display Playlist in main window.
  Count In a section while playing a playlist
Now displays bar numers on the grid
  Press 1 2 3 or 4 to move to the bar
  Continues playing when changing to a different section
Fixed 'Cancel' hint in playlist editor
Fixed problem with printing mixed signature pieces
  Fixed problem with creating PDFs for mixed signature pieces
Improved changing of instruments. Now replaces unknown notes with the 'default' note
  Remembers 'icon' view in Playlist editor
  Added option to show 'muted' notes
  Removed 'hot tracking' in Playlist editor
  Composition title updated correctly
Fixed problem where mixed time signatures were causing timing issues
  Removed 'Playlist' toolbar until 'paint' issue is addressed
Fixed problem with mixed time signatures in Playlists
  Fixed problem where section was deleted when cutting an overlay.
  Fixed 'Access Violation' error with cut and paste.
  Added 'Playlist' toolbar.
Added option to set proxy settings for 'Check for Updates...'
  Fixed occasional 'Range Check' error on loading
Fixed occasional error when accessing 'Options' dialog.
Fixed error when adding a new section/composition.
Increased number of sub-divisions used by 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8 to 6 from 3.
  Fixed tab order and focus on the edit note dialog.
  Added option to disable 'Overlay' tools (off by default).
Added feature to attach a note to each composition/section.
  Fixed problem with dragging a section to an empty playlist in the editor.
  Fixed problem with muted instruments in playlist when an instrument is added, moved etc.
Checks for missing instruments and restores them if necessary.
Now checks for situation where a system does not have any printers installed.
  Bug Reports now sent to MightyMango server and then via email if that fails.
Tabs, Title and Section Title no longer show the acceleration character.
  Added Popup Menu when right clicking on a note cell.
Fixed problem changing properties of a playlist item straight after adding.
  Added drag and drop from sections list to the playlist in the editor.
  Updated Playlist help.
  Fixed problem with incomplete Bar Line.
Improved Playlists.
  Fixed problem where 'Play' button would only play the fist note after a playlist had finished playing.
  Fixed problem with automatic loading of licence file when the trial has expired.
'Duplicate section' now working correctly again.
  Added option to clear the section of notes (keeps instruments).
  Added option to clear the current line (keeps instrument).
  Added option to 'Count Me In'.
  Added option to hide 'Beat bars' when overlay exists.
  Fixed enable/disable of Next/ Previous buttons in preview when composition has 2 sections.
Fixed problem with 'disappearing' instruments caused by fixes in and
  Fixed problem with MangoDrum not shutting down correctly.
  Added Overlays with options to Display and or Play as well as displaying the full overlay or just in the header.
  Printing and PDF improvement. Whole section now printed on one page.
  Compact printout now uses new print dialog.
  Fixed First and Last page buttons with Compact printout.
  Zoom buttons in Print Preview now enable and disable correctly.
  More than 2 bars in a section are now split over two rows on the same page on printouts and PDFs.
Fixed problem with delay in loading new set of instruments caused by the 'pause' fix in
  Added grid styles.
Fixed short pause between sections when playing a playlist.
  Left and Right arrow keys now skip forwards and backwards through playlist.
  Ctrl + Left arrow keys restarts the playlist.
  Draw BarLine when triplets in last box.
Fixed problem with display when a triplet starts with a rest in a single box.
Metronome now works correctly with all time signatures.
  Correct bar size when adding a 12/8, 9/8 etc. section.
Solved problem with new instrument sounds not playing in the 'Edit Note'
  Added a limit of 5 seconds to instrument sound files.
  Now checks for DirectX.
  Improved transition between sections when playing a playlist.
Added feature to select custom BPM from the BPM pop-up menu.
  Added option to restore instruments.
  Fixed problem with adding line to start of a section.
  Fixed problem with new instruments not being saved.
  BPM now set correctly for new compositions.
  Fixed bug where composition with 'mixed' time signatures was not being
saved correctly.
  'Rogue' notes no longer appear when increasing the bars for a section.
Now possible to add a rest to the start of a combined box.
  Added feature to choose a style of play (human or computer).
Added Louder/Softer to edit note dialog.
  Now saves chosen view for Instrument window etc.
Added time indication to Playlist editor.
  Increased maximum repeats for a playlist item to 100.
Fixed bug when exiting Options without Mixer or Line selected.
Fixed time signature bug.
Release version.